While complex drinks with several types of drizzles and lots of sugar might taste good, there are better options for you. inherently has a few health benefits, but you also want to maintain those benefits with things that are good for you. Rest assured, you don’t have to drink only black coffee for the rest of your life to support your health. Here are 7 ways to make coffee healthier other than drinking it black.

1. Enjoy Decaf Coffee

Most people might drink it for the caffeine boost, but if you drink it for the taste, you might want to try decaf instead of your regular cup. For as many health benefits as can provide, caffeine can be dangerous in large amounts. When you reduce caffeine, you can get better sleep and feel fewer anxiety symptoms. In addition to those benefits, you still get many of those that come from drinking like a lessened risk of diabetes and degenerative diseases.

2. Drink Americanos

An Americano is much healthier than your average latte. Because Americanos are literally watered down, you ensure your espresso goes a long way. The beverage is made with mostly water, so you’re increasing your hydration levels while drinking it. Unfortunately, Americanos can be bitter drinks. You can add a bit of honey to make it sweeter or you may want to add lemon juice to give it a different flavor.

3. Try Bulletproof Coffee

The ketogenic diet can help improve your health, but you should always consult a doctor before drastically changing your diet or exercise regimen. The tastiest, most nutritious way to enjoy the keto diet is with bulletproof coffee — black coffee with a pat of butter in it.

It may not be the lowest in calories, but bulletproof coffee can give you enough fat and energy to supplement or replace a meal. It might be worth a try if you’re on the keto diet, as advised by your doctor.

4. Switch To Milk Substitutes

The type of milk you use in your may also affect how healthy it is. If dairy milk upsets your digestive system or you want a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative, try a milk substitute in For example, switching to almond milk can drastically lower the calories in your cup of coffee. If the calorie content doesn’t matter to you so much, try oat milk instead. It’s high in fiber and can help regulate your blood sugar levels.

5. Put Cinnamon In Your Brew

Since over 60% of Americans make coffee a part of their daily lives, you need to make your morning brew enjoyable. While black coffee might be the healthiest way to enjoy it, you can still make it taste better without sacrificing any health benefits. Adding cinnamon to your coffee beans before brewing them will cut some of the bitterness and make a smoother beverage. You’ll also reap some of the benefits of cinnamon, like a faster metabolism.

6. Eat A Snack

Whenever you’re enjoying find something nutrient-dense to eat with it. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach may lead to heightened anxiety levels or damage the lining of your stomach. Make sure you have something to eat to help absorb the coffee. Breakfast is an important part of your day, so drink alongside it instead of alone. You may notice a difference in how you feel throughout the day.

7. Add Dark Chocolate

Adding dark chocolate to your coffee might sound like a way to make it unhealthier, but while it is tasty, it has several health benefits that can amplify the good things your coffee does for you. Coffee can improve your memory and help you fight degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Consuming a bit of dark chocolate can also improve your brain function and memory, making dark chocolate coffee a winning combo for your brain health. This combination tastes great, but that’s only a bonus of all the benefits it offers.

Have Fun With Your Coffee

Making coffee healthier doesn’t mean yours has to taste bad. Black coffee is nice, but if you can’t stomach the bitterness, there are plenty of ways to make your coffee taste better and be healthier. Try some of these tasty options to see what works best for you. You might enjoy the benefits you can reap from the different types o you can make.

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