United States: Sacramento County Public Health declared one measles case at the facility on Friday after a child not being vaccinated caught measles on March 5 between noon and 5 p.m., the department said in a short press release.

More about the case

Dr. Olivia Kasirye, the health officer of Sacramento County, stated that approximately 300 people were at the center at that time and potentially exposed to the illness.

Kisirye admitted that a sizable proportion of the people who were in the Emergency Room when the child was brought in were being vaccinated against measles.

Poor vaccination in the infected area – Officials

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However, according to its press release, the department mentioned that people who have not been vaccinated against measles and during the time frame spent time in the facility could have developed measles within these periods seven to 21 days since exposure, as sfgate.com reported.

The officials in the country and the surrounding counties are contacting unvaccinated individuals or the ones at high risk of measles who were in the emergency room, Kasirye said.

The health officials promptly discovered the case on March 7, as the tests were sent to Sacramento County Public Health Laboratory.

Individuals already vaccinated or who had prior measles should inspect their bodies for any fever or unexplained rashes in the range of seven to 21 days after exposure, representing suggested steps by Sacramento county officials. If they have symptoms, they are encouraged to reach out to healthcare professionals and as well as stay at home to lessen anxiety and exposure.

More about Measles

Measles is mainly transmitted by droplets, which are exhaled when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and they remain suspended in the air for nearly an hour. The disease can remain contagious in a symptomatic infected person for four days before and after a rash. However, the virus can also be spread by a person who is asymptomatic, the county attested, as sfgate.com reported.

What are the Symptoms of measles?

-A moderate to low range of fever is typical (it usually comes up after 2-3 days of infection).

-Red blotchy rash (comes most typical within 2 to 3 days after getting the disease and first affects the face before spreading downwards to the neck, chest, thighs, and feet).


-Runny nose

-Red/watery eyes




Urgent need to tackle the disease

Kasirye said, “This is a wakeup call for us,” and, “But I think there is a reminder to us that there is an increase in measles in different parts of the world, and with increased travel, there is increased risk of someone contracting the disease.”

Kasirye added that in Sacramento, the local communities have “less than optimal” vaccination rates. Therefore, it is dangerous to spread the disease in the area.

Measles cases reported in California

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As of March 6, four measles cases have been reported in various counties of California this year, as stated by the California Department of Public Health.

As per the data shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nationally, a total of 45 cases of measles have been reported as of March 7 this year, as sfgate.com reported.

Kasirye said,”It is important for the public to know that there is an increase in measles cases worldwide and that individuals traveling internationally may have an increased risk of exposure,” and, “All individuals should ensure that they are up to date with vaccinations, especially if they are at increased risk of serious illness.”


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