United States: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised consumers on Friday against feeding their babies with a particular range of baby formulas because these products could contain bacteria that are fatal to babies. 

On May 24, Dairy Manufacturers Inc. announced the recall of 12.4-ounce containers of Crecelac Infant Powdered Goat-Milk Infant Formula with Iron, Farmalac Baby Powdered Infant Formula with Iron (0-12 months), and Farmalac Baby Powdered Infant Formula with Iron Low Lactose (0-12 months). These products failed to meet FDA standards for infant formulas, as reported by CNN Health. 

The FDA stated that the company had not submitted the necessary premarket notification before selling these products in the US. These recalled products are available in Texas and possibly other regions. 

FDA Warns of Cronobacter in Baby Formulas, Issues Nationwide Recall. Credit | Adobe Stock
FDA Warns of Cronobacter in Baby Formulas, Issues Nationwide Recall. Credit | Adobe Stock

FDA’s Ongoing Investigation 

Nonetheless, when probing into the products, the agency unveiled on Friday that it tested positive for Cronobacter in a batch of the Crecelac formula. It was followed by a limited sampling which did not find Cronobacter in the other version of the formula that is part of the recall. 

Besides, this recall does not entail any sicknesses that consumer may suffer from. However, Cronobacter carries the capacity to trigger significant invasive disease of the major organs, especially the central nerves and blood, which may progress to sepsis and meningitis, CNN Health pointed out. 

Four cases of Cronobacter were recorded in infants in 2022, two of which stated that it killed the babies, and this led to the recall of infant formulas in a period that the country was facing a shortage of the same. 

Cronobacter Infections in Infants 

Infants infected with Cronobacter can suffer from brain abscesses, motor developmental issues, developmental delays, and potentially death, according to the CDC

Some of the signs that will tell you that your pet is infected include: There are common signs such as yellowing of the skin and body, high body temperature, poor movements, mood swings, poor feeding habits, and others. 

The FDA stated that it is coordinating with dairy manufacturers and distributors to make sure the recall is carried out properly. 

The FDA has warned parents and caregivers against using these specific brands and advised those seeking goat milk baby foods to consult healthcare providers for alternatives. 


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