United States: Nationally, the number of measles cases is on the rise, and the health care workers in New Hampshire voiced their concern about the exceptionally low vaccination rate in the state which not just stands below the national rate but is one of the lowest.

Measles spread across the US and the world

The greatest measles outbreak that is now spread in the whole world is situated in the UK, where there were 42,000 cases in the last year.

In the US, only decently serious cases were reported, with only 58 cases reported in the whole country by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as per the latest reports. We cannot distinguish between reports made in 2020 due to the data volume wmur.com reported.

Martha Wassell, manager of infection control at Wentworth Douglass Hospital, stated, “Measles is exceptionally contagious,” as wmur.com reported.

The doctors and public health specialists addressed the specialist’s advice about a disease with a focus on its danger dimension.

Symptoms of disease

The signs of cold and cough, in the beginning, move on to the rashes over the body, which could sometimes lead to more critical and even fatal diseases for those who don’t vaccinate themselves.

Dr. Benjamin Chan, the state epidemiologist stated, “Measles is one of the most contagious and infectious diseases that we have to routinely deal with,” and, “Yet at the same time, we have a vaccine that protects against measles. That’s one of the most effective vaccines.”

About vaccination coverage

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We now know that those who take the measles vaccine have over a 99 percent chance of being immune to it. It’s basically a vaccine for childhood, and two doses can be effective for many years.

However, in the last several years, the number of measles immunizers has come down.

The latest state Department of Health and Human Services has discovered in its annual reports that kindergarteners in New Hampshire have a vaccination rate below 89 percent, which goes below the goal of 95 percent, wmur.com reported.

In 2000, the CDC announced that measles does not affect the US anymore, and it was eradicated from the country, but later on, as the vaccination rates decreased, cases of measles were reported.

Wassell stated, “What we were doing was fully vaccinating our young children before kindergarten,” and, “At this point, we’re missing out on a lot of small children being vaccinated, for one reason or another. We need to get back into that and get our children vaccinated.”

Refusal by many for vaccination

Professionals reasserted that the ultimate decision lies endlessly in the hands of parents who do or refuse to vaccinate their children. Measles has not been reported in New Hampshire since 2011, but that won’t stop doctors from advising people not to let their frightened yet.

Measles is a very dangerous disease for the current unvaccinated; there is nothing that could be guaranteed that the neighboring country in the region won’t be affected by the growing number of cases around the globe.


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