United States: Novo Nordisk has benefited greatly from the ongoing GLP-1 anti-obesity and anti-diabetes drug trend by adding billions of dollars in market capitalization. 

Nevertheless, the most famous drug of this Danish pharma concerned with weight loss, Wegovy, is more like a stepping stone to other drugs instead of the ultimate cure for the obesity menace. 

More about GLP-1 drug 

The GLP-1 hormone is one that, among other reasons, regulates hunger and has an impact on the production of insulin and glucose. 

After a meal, GLP-1 agonists, therefore, increase glucose concentration and, on the other hand, decrease the level of glucose. Along with this, the drugs slow down the stomach’s pace of emptying its contents into the small intestines, which increases the feeling of the fullness of the stomach and satiation, as wccftech.com reported. 

The Danish company Novo Nordisk is the owner of the proprietary Semaglutide GLP- 1 agonist, drugs which are marketed under two labels: Ozempic for type-2 diabetes and Wegovy for obesity treatment. 

However, Novo Nordisk presently has a couple of additional GLP-1 medications in the pipeline, for instance, those that can be swallowed and those that promote dual action of both GLP-1 and Amylin agonists to settle for better potency. 

This is where Wegovy and Ozempic appear as the core GLP-1 offering for now. The forces of doubt, though, come hand in hand with the propensity of these therapies to fail on efficacy, cost, and adverse effects. 

Costs entailed by Ozempic and Wegovy 

The new study published in JAMA Open Network in March comes down to the conclusion that the monthly dosing of Novo Nordisk by the brand Ozempic and Wegovy dosing of Novo Nordisk entails a production cost of about USD 5. 

Novo Nordisk's Wegovy is not panacea for obesity treatment. Credit | GettyImages
Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy is not panacea for obesity treatment. Credit | GettyImages

Nonetheless, Ozempic is a monthly dose that is being sold in the US at USD 935.77 for those without insurance coverage, and your plan is at the maximum level. Its lateral counterpart, Wegovy, looks even more expensive with the tag of USD 1,300 per month without any insurance. 

This gap is even more visible when one thinks of the fact that in Germany, the price for Ozempic is approximately USD 59 per month. 

In any case, FDA product approval in the United States routinely brings hefty expenses of millions, even more than hundreds of millions of dollars, as wccftech.com reported. 

In addition, Novo Nordisk should have the right to capitalize on the R&D expenditures on the drug. However, this level of price excuse has the potential to become controversial in the future. 


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