United States: Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland found that individuals with obesity and alcohol issues who used medications for weight loss had a 56 percent lower incidence of alcohol use disorder recurrence over a year compared to non-users. 

Further Details on the Discovery 

The lead researcher, Rong Xu, a professor of biomedical informatics at Case Western’s School of Medicine, concluded thus, while being quoted in US News, “This is very promising news in that we may have a new therapeutic method to treat alcohol use disorder.” 

Although it has been suggested through previous studies that both GLP-1 diabetes and weight-loss drugs are effective in reducing alcoholic intake, aside from weight and glucose control. 

As demonstrated by the Case Western team, semaglutide (Ozempic/Wegovy) can yield unexpected positive health outcomes. 

Semaglutide Exhibits Potential in Treating Alcoholism. Credit | Stocksy United
Semaglutide Exhibits Potential in Treating Alcoholism. Credit | Stocksy United

Additional Insights from the Study 

Xu’s statement, featured in the university’s press release, highlighted the drug’s other benefits, noting, “In January, we showed that semaglutide is associated with a decrease in suicidal thoughts, and in March, we demonstrated that semaglutide is also associated with a reduction in both new diagnoses and recurrence of cannabis use disorder.” 

Regarding the alcohol study, Xu and her team examined records of nearly 84,000 obese patients from an outpatient clinic. 

On average, the risk of new-onset or recurrent alcohol use disorder was slashed by 50-56 percent in individuals taking semaglutide compared to the placebo group. 

The study, published in the Journal Nature Communications on May 28, underscored the need for further randomized clinical trials to solidify semaglutide’s potential in addressing alcohol use disorder. 

According to Xu, “While the findings are promising and provide preliminary evidence of the potential benefit of semaglutide in alcohol use disorder in real-world populations, further randomized clinical trials are needed to support its use” while talking about curbing the drinking practice. 

Additional Benefits of Semaglutide 

Aside from its primary function of aiding weight loss more effectively and swiftly than other FDA-approved slimming aids, semaglutide boasts other advantages. 

Primarily designed to help shed excess body fat with minimal side effects, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels and improves cholesterol metabolism, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. 

Semaglutide emerges as a holistic solution for numerous health issues, promoting sound sleep, a slim physique, and overall health. 


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