United States: According to the latest study, around one in four patients of COVID-19 develop symptoms of long COVID. 

As per the New York Post, most people who have contracted the Coronavirus develop and get cured of symptoms within one or two weeks. However, as more research occurs, more people report the persistence of those symptoms and the development of new ones after three months of their COVID-19 positive tests, which persist for months and even years. 

About the new research and findings for Long COVID  

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As per the US Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey’s data analysis released by Help Advisor, they made findings about the rates of American adults developing long COVID. 

The latest research revealed that 24.4 percent of American adults who had positive COVID test results experienced such symptoms that persisted for more than three months. 

Across the United States, twenty-seven states have reported long COVID more than the national average. Out of them, with 34.1 percent of patients experiencing Long COVID, Oklahoma has become the state with the highest percentage of them. 

Vermont and Washington D.C. have the lowest numbers, with 16.5 percent experiencing long COVID, as New York Post reported. 

Just below the national average is New York state with 21.6 percent, and New York City stands even lower with 20.6 percent of long COVID symptoms. 

What problems do Americans face due to long COVID?  

About 31 percent of Americans with long COVID said it has reduced their abilities to carry out daily activities. 

As per the New York Post, it accounts for 28 states where people who tested positive with COVID-19 have been dealing with low stamina for doing daily activities. 

There are 50.8 percent of adults in Hawaii have reported experiencing difficulty in keeping up with their daily lives. 

However, 28 states reported higher rates of struggling with daily activities. 

In some people, long COVID is associated with feeling persistent cough or fatigue, while others reported symptoms with high intensity that they had to be hospitalized. 

Moreover, one case of a woman has also been reported, where she requested assisted suicide, claiming long COVID treatment has robbed her of all of her life savings, the ability to do simple daily tasks, and the simple joys of life. 

Findings related to Long COVID from previous research  

In previous research, it was found that long COVID was common and severe among the patients who contracted the Omicron variant before 2021 and were unvaccinated or got reinfected. 

The research listed a few symptoms to define long COVID, including post-exertional fatigue, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms, heart palpitations, sexual desire and capacity problems, loss of smell/taste, thirst, chronic cough, chest pain, abnormal movements. 

More research to understand the impacts of Coronavirus is required- Experts  

As per the experts, more research is required for a better understanding of the impacts that the Coronavirus has on the health of once-infected people. 

Dr. Rachel L. Levine, the US assistant secretary for health, said, “Americans living with long COVID want to understand what is happening with their bodies,” as reported by New York Post. 


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