United States: Two new surveys suggest a troubling trend: Apparently, adults are not quite as diligent as previously in terms of using sun protection, which, according to experts, is important to keep various skin-related defects at bay. 

More about the survey  

A poll conducted this month among over 1 000 people by the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that as many as 28 percent of 18-26 year old did not associate suntans that can harm their skin with skin cancer, the New York Times reported. 

Of the respondents, 37 percent said that they covered their skin with sunscreen whenever others complained to them about their failure to do so. 

Skin Cancer Risk Ignored by 28% Young US Adults. Credit | Freepik
Skin Cancer Risk Ignored by 28% Young US Adults. Credit | Freepik

More about the poll conducted 

Another poll that was conducted in July by Orlando Health Cancer Institute saw 14 percent of adults below the age of 35 believe that using sunscreen every day is worse for them than getting a direct sunburn. 

Though the surveys are not large enough to necessarily characterize tendencies throughout young adulthood, doctors confirmed to the Executive that they had observed such knowledge deficits and higher-risk behaviors informally with younger patients as well. 

Experts commented that this issue is not entirely unique to the current generation of young adults, as There’s a component of young people just being young people,” said Dr. Melissa Shive, a dermatologist at UCI Health in Irvine, Calif, the New York Times reported. 

A survey from 1986-1996 reported that the currently middle-aged young adults, the then 18-24-year-olds, were more likely to go to tanning booths and get sunburns. 

If young adults do not know what sun damage appears to be and how one can protect themselves from it? Such question are often being asked by young adults said Dr Shive. 

Dr. Heather Rogers, the clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Washington, stated that her youthful patients are now visiting the tanning beds more frequently. In essence, exposure to ultraviolet rays from either tanning beds or the usual sun risks the skin and causes skin cancer, which is deadly. 

Moreover, older adults who participated in the recent surveys didn’t have perfect sun safety knowledge, either. For example, seventeen percent of millennials had no idea that tanning led to skin cancer according to A.A.D. 

However, overall, millennials or Generation Y, which makes up most of the participants, with a birth year of after 1997 or Gen Z believed more in the sun safety myths. 


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