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The Science Behind the Increased Risk for Black People

A look at possible reasons why multiple myeloma affects Black people more than white people, including genes, health care disparities, and the role of...
Deadly measles threat lurks across the United States

Deadly measles threat lurks across the United States – experts call to take the...

Millions of cases of measles showed a hike in recent trends across the US, alarms the health experts, calling it the largest measles outbreak in 30 years.
Wuhan lab in China

COVID pandemic has a link with scientific experiments in China – professors presented report...

UN meeting heard a report from professors about the coronavirus link with scientific experimentation negligence, with a special focus on the Wuhan lab in China, demanding better security regulations for such experiments.
Adults suffering from Long COVID

Younger population suffer more from long COVID than older adults – revealed latest CDC...

One in four adults suffering from long COVID, including the younger population, is more than the older ones, as revealed by the latest CDC data.

Shopping for Groceries With Diabetes

Whether you’re a meal planner and grocery list maker or figure-it-out-as-you-go shopper, you’ll see the grocery store through different eyes when you have type...
Deaths due to heart diseases

Rising deaths due to heart diseases are concerning scientists – Linking it directly to...

Above 35 years of age, one-fourth of young Americans are succumbing to heart-related diseases, as the CDC reported, showing a 5 percent rise in age-adjusted stroke.
Measles cases outbreak in Michigan and Ohio.

Measles cases resurface in these US states – state officials urge for vaccination uptake!

In Michigan and Ohio, measles cases popped up after years, leading to a rise in hospitalization related to it; meanwhile, state health officials urged for vaccination uptake.

Stroke Risk in Black Americans: Expert Q&A

Black people in the U.S. are more likely to have a stroke than people who are White, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian – and with...