United States – Government data show that the US is at the height of another MPox outbreak, with twice as many cases reported as at this time last year.

Rising Concerns Amid MPox Outbreak

In reaction, public health experts have raised red flags pointing to the increase and stressed that the rates of vaccination against the sickness need to be boosted, as reported by HealthDay.

“This has the potential to become a fairly prevalent infectious disease, but the advantage with mpox is we have a vaccine that’s effective. We don’t have that for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or HIV,” Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief medical official in the Association of State and Territorial Health, told CNN. “We’ve had fairly good participation in the vaccination push, but we’re not anywhere close to getting most of the at-risk population vaccinated. Until that happens, we’re going to see outbreaks and upticks in cases in various places.”

Vaccination Urgency Stressed

Visual Representation of Monkeypox Vaccine. Credit | iStock

A total of 511 cases have been reported among the MPX cases from March 16 onwards as per the data made available by the CDC, United States. By the end of March 2023, the case count had gone down to less than three hundred.

Transmission rates now are way over from the level of 2022, when a mpox breakup made over ten thousand of cases of mpox in US. Meanwhile, the public health emergency expired well over a year ago, reducing the federal funds you can employ to design a public health response, CNN reported.

Moreover, the CDC broadcast a health alert in December of that year warning of another subtype of the virus, which is more transmissible and capable of causing more severe symptoms than the subtype associated with the 2022 outbreak. This specific strain of the virus was not imported into the United States but is reported to be spreading in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as CNN reported.

Origins and Symptoms

Visual Representation of Monkeypox Virus Symptoms. Credit | Stock Adobe

Mpox, which was earlier known as monkeypox, is a disease that spreads from one person to another via close personal contact. The first manifestations of the disease are fever, weakness, headache, and muscle pain, which are later followed by a rash with several plaques that finally heal over time.

However, two groups of people are more likely to get mpox than others – men who have sex with men or those who have HIV. The latter group is more at risk of severe disease. The Mpox vaccine, which is produced under the Jynneos trademark, is a two-dose course, with the administration of the shots spaced every month apart.

However, the CDC data indicate that only 18% of the risk population that the government thought to be on the spectrum received two dose shots.

In addition, nearly all the states in the US in the meantime have more cases in 2023 than the first three months of this year, and the biggest gap is in the mid-Atlantic region, according to the CDC.

On Monday, the Virginia health department announced for raised public awareness about the latter increase in the cases.

Government Action and Vaccine Distribution

In the last 12 months, the number of cases in the state has more than doubled since all previous years combined in 2023. According to the public announcement, four cases necessitated hospitalization, whereas six co-infected with HIV had been detected, but no cases got vaccinated.

“We felt like it was really important to get the word out that there is a continued risk from this virus. It’s still here,” Dr. Brandy Darby, director of the Division of Surveillance and Investigation in Epidemiology at the Virginia Department of Health, told CNN. “We also wanted to give people time to protect themselves ahead of Pride season. We’re hoping this might encourage people to go ahead and get vaccinated so they can go out and enjoy their celebrations and not have to worry so much about mpox.”

The alert might make a difference: This month August survey discovered that nearly all of those who are male having sex with men changed their behaviors because of the outbreak of mpox 2022. The findings of research show that these measures reduced the spread of mpox, but the experts underscored that a vaccination stood higher chance of being the main prevention option, as reported by HealthDay.

The US government then took charge of the supply of the mpox vaccines, but now that process has become privatized. However, the government still has some vaccine supply left, and the shots should be administered in pharmacies and healthcare offices, as CNN experts confirm.


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