United States: Public health experts have expressed concerns about a variety of factors that suggest coronavirus infections have been picking up steam in recent days as the increased travel period of the year approaches. 

This comes as King County has recorded a steady increase in COVID-19 cases visiting the emergency rooms for several weeks now. 

More about the news 

The latest COVID-19 data from King County revealed that around 250 patients visited the emergency room due to it within one week in June. 

US County Sees Uptick in COVID ER Visits, Raising Worries. Credit | Getty Images
US County Sees Uptick in COVID ER Visits, Raising Worries. Credit | Getty Images

Luis Gramal noted, as more people gathered around his newly opened shop. It is something that he does not wish to be a survivor of again because of health reasons concerning his family, friends and his career. 

Gramal said, “We should be worried about it,” and, “What we went through- I don’t think we should go back to that. We should take care of ourselves.” as KOMO News reported. 

He and others packed into Seattle Center were disturbed to learn about a recent reported uptick in COVID-19 cases. 

According to Drake Jacquez, whose family is visiting Seattle from Southern California, “I’m scared for my grandma and my grandpa.” 

King County’s Respiratory Virus Data found that COVID-19 contributed to only 1.5 percent of total emergency visits in the first week of June. That has increased a bit, and it’s higher than in the middle of May. 

The county’s count is approximately halfway to what is known as the emergency level, in which the number of infections increases significantly and poses a higher likelihood of worse infection and death. 

What more has the expert stated? 

Dr. Scott Lindquist, the state Epidemiologist, stated, “We’re seeing these small increases in COVID-19 outside of the respiratory virus season. [It’s] nothing. Nothing compared to what we’ve seen over the past three years with COVID-19,” as KOMO News reported. 

He added, “It doesn’t look like a huge peak as we’ve seen with new variants, and we always worry that when there’s the appearance of new variants. We’ll get a large peak. But, what we’re seeing is multiple variants, not just one, and it appears to be a muted, small increase.” 

He goes on to say that the raise in the number of visits to the ER is proof that we might be dealing with a new strain of the virus and that where people should continue washing hands regularly, think about wearing masks in areas with many people, and stay home when they come down with the virus. 


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