United States: According to UN agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) which announced on Wednesday about its approval for a second dengue vaccine worldwide. The said step will pave a way to millions through out the globe to have a shield against the mossquito-borne disease, dengue at a cheaper cost. 

According to the officials’ reports, dengue has caused several outbreaks in the United States this year so far. 

More about the WHO’s approval of new vaccine 

The UN agency made the announcement on Wednesday, as it gave green signal to the Japanese manufacture’s Takeda vaccine for dengue. 

The recommended usage is applicable to all children of age between six and 16 years living in regions with high cases of dengue. The said vaccine provides protection against four kinds of dengue, AP News reported. 

WHO Approved Second Dengue Vaccine for Children in High-Risk Regions. Credit | Pixabay
WHO Approved Second Dengue Vaccine for Children in High-Risk Regions. Credit | Pixabay

More about the new vaccine 

Previously, the new vaccine which is called Qdenga, a Takeda’s dengue vaccine got approval from European Medicines Agency in 2022. 

After the approval, it is anticipated that the donors and other U.N. agencies will be able to buy the vaccine for poorer countries. 

The efficacy of Takeda’s vaccine has shown to be around 84 percent effective in preventing hospital-infected individuals with dengue disease and about 61 percent in fully stopping the symptoms. 

Global access to dengue vaccines 

According to WHO’s Rogerio Gaspar, director for the agency’s approval of medicines and vaccines, it was “an important step in the expansion of global access to dengue vaccines.” 

He also said that it is the second vaccine that the WHO has approved for dengue. The first vaccine, which the WHO approved, was made by Sanofi Pasteur, which later appeared to heighten the risk of an extreme form of dengue in people who had not contracted the disease previously, AP News reported. 

About the treatment for dengue 

According to an expert report, there is no particular treatment available to treat dengue, a major cause of disease-related deaths in around 120 Latin American and Asian countries. 

WHO’s last week’s analysis estimated that around 6.7 million of the suspected cases of dengue were found in Americans, which the experts believe is a 206 percent jump when compared with the same period in 2023. 

Moreover, in March, the authorities declared a public health emergency for an extensive outbreak of dengue, and thereby, the country started pushing for the Takeda vaccine, aiming to inoculate at least 3 million people. 


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